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Slow Yoga & Empowered Living Retreat für Frauen, 22. - 27.  September 2024

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Toskana, Italien


Wüstenretreat in der Sahara

15. - 23. November 2024

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Sahara-Wüste in Marokko


Slow Living Retreat für Frauen - Yoga, Aquarell malen & Kulinarik

12.-19. März 2025

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Hoi An, Vietnam

'I love how Sonja ties in information and knowledge about the yoga poses to our actual human habits, like where we store anger and fear. So valuable.'

'Sonja really allows people to get into the postures and to understand their bodies more. After the two classes I really felt my body had been going through an amazing experience.'

'Highlight of our Sunday! Especially in this time, it reliefs so much anxiety and stress inside us.Thank you for this ray of sunshine in our living room every Sunday morning.'

Dear One,

Creating balance in our lives can be challenging. Yet finding a sustainable way to be there for our families, relationships, work and ourselves is the foundation to living a life we love. 

I believe with every fiber that Yin Yoga and mindfulness have the power to transform lives. 

It is certainly possible to find - at least some - inner balance while navigating through a busy life. I have experienced it for myself and could witness it in the lives of the people coming to my classes.

It makes me sad that Yoga has gotten a reputation in the west that it is only for flexible young bendy people. What I have come to discover through my own practice and in the work with my clients, it that it is so much more about the intention we bring to the practice, than where we are at right now physically, mentally or emotionally.

Yin Yoga is for everyone. 

Yin Yoga is about attending to our inner world and meeting the edge of our comfort zone in a gentle way - wherever that edge is.

We learn to be patient, to observe and be with what is. This allows us to get out of our thought loops and stories and arrive into our bodies. And over time, something shifts and a beautiful unfolding starts to happen.

It is so often the 'how' rather than the 'what' that affects and shapes us. My Yoga and healing journey has always been very much about my teachers. My teachings are foremost informed by what I would love to receive in a class myself.

My hope is that my offerings inspire and touch you and support you on your healing journey like the teachings themselves and my teachers supported and still support me.