About Heartminded

Hi, I'm Sonja

My work is based on the understanding, that restlessness, tension and imbalance are the result of thoughts, beliefs and actions that are not fully aligned with who we authentically are.

In our modern world we have forgotten about the power of rest and restoration. Instead we have bought into the idea that go go go and doing ever more will get us ahead. Yet healing is rather the opposite - it is in resting, connecting, and paying attention in a supportive way, that a balancing shift can happen naturally.

In my offerings I intend to create welcoming spaces that allow for people to slow down, connect, recharge. Central themes in my teaching include embodiment techniques (sensing, movement and breath), inquiry around what it means to be human, our willingness to be here, and how to live heartminded in today's world.

My Story

For the past decade Yoga has been a great teacher to me - about myself, others and life. With my sensitive and empathic nature, Yoga enabled me to ground myself and reconnect with my body, which helped me to overcome unhealthy habits and fears. Mindfulness allowed me to feel and be with my emotions without running away, which has been life-changing.

Only after a few years of practising dynamic Yoga styles I discovered the nurturing benefits of a slower, deeper practice and became drawn to the Yin-side of Yoga.

I observed that slowing down and integrating meditation and mindfulness techniques have a healing effect, bringing us back to wholeness. I can't wait to share the practices that have supported me along this way with you - so they may support you, too.

My Yoga Education


  • 200h Dynamic & Restorative Centered Yoga with Paul Dallaghan, Koh Samui, Thailand


  • 200h Hatha Yoga Kaivalydam, India

  • 100h Pranayama Training Tiwariji, India

  • 65h Yin Yoga Acupressure, & Hip Anantomy Jo Phee, Balance Yoga Frankfurt


  • 50h Yin Yoga & Traditional Chinese Medicine Josh Summers

  • 70h Yin Yoga Primary Level Sarah Powers


  • 80h Embodied Yin with Satu Tuomela

  • 50h Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Josh Summers

  • 20h Anatomy Gil Hedley


  • 50h Yin Yoga & Storytelling with Biff Mithoefer

  • 50h Yin Yoga & Archetypes with Biff Mithoefer

  • Harmonium Seminars