'If you have a body, you can do Yoga.'


In our modern world the pace of life has accelerated significantly over the past years. It has become increasingly important to find the balance between the demands of work, family and time for self. 

After a career as a designer in a fast paced-environment, I have experienced the challenges of daily work life first-hand. I learned time and time again that balance is found in moments of stillness and in Yoga practice.

This is why the focus in my Business Yoga programs is specifically on stress reduction, guided relaxation and burnout prevention. I support your executives and employees in increasing their creativity, health and resiliency and guide them towards physical and mental wellbeing.

Yoga and mindfulness increase the wellbeing and happiness of your employees by:

cultivating inner balance 

increasing concentration 

building mental and physical strength 

de-stressing and releasing tension in the body and mind 

 preventing and reducing back- and neck pain

strengthening the energy system and increasing vitality

The 4 pillars of wellbeing:

Wellbeing is wellfeeling. In Yoga inner balance is the result of alignment on the dimensions of body, mind, heart and energy. If one dimension is out of balance, all dimensions are out of balance. If they are in balance, life is in flow.

My Yoga approach is targeted to create a profound harmonising shift on all levels that supports health, vitality and happiness.


Increasing strength, resilience and flexibility.


Cultivating concentration, attention and creativity.


Growing emotional intelligence & compassion.


Feeling more vibrant, alive, present and motivated.


▹ Individualised 1:1 Yoga Classes 

▹ Group classes for all levels 

▹ Meditation Classes 

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