Aligning heart, mind and body


The monthly membership for your wellbeing.

Live online every Sunday at 11:00h for 75 minutes.

Together we build a powerful self-care routine of yin yoga, meditation and mindfulness that enables you to show up more authentically in your life and to learn to love every moment of it.

It is a commitment to yourself - every week. Our date. For your wellbeing and your well-feeling. To recharge and ground yourself.

Are you in?

▹ Are you looking to be more present in your life?

▹ Feeling stressed and overwhelmed at times?

▹ Ready to meet yourself on a deeper level and grow?

▹ Looking to live more authentically and aligned?

▹ Ready to commit to a weekly positive habit?

‘We are what we repeatedly do.’ - Aristoteles

Yin Sunday Ritual is your time to anchor yourself. You will learn to manage challenging emotions, have a regular practice of strengthening your body's energy system and removing energy blockages. I like to call it 'Inner hygiene' - the pause during or after a busy week to reset.

Each month we will have a new theme and dive into a journey of body, mind and spirit.


Connect with your body. Increase flexibility, release physical tension and come into a more embodied presence.


The classes invite you to discover your true self through meditation, mindfulness, and guided visualizations.


Tap into the dimension of your heart, allowing you to increase emotional intelligence, compassion and generosity.


Release blockages in the body's energetic pathways and strengthen your cells. Feel more vibrant and alive.

The routine helps you to:

▹ de-stress and release tension in the body and mind

▹ learn to let go of the emotions and thought patterns that do not serve you

▹ increase flexibility and range of motion

▹ strengthen your energy system and increase your vitality

▹ prevent back- and neck pain

▹ cultivate inner peace

How does it work?

In the beginning of each month you will receive your schedule for the month with our weekly dates. Can't make it to a class? No problem, you will get access to the latest recordings so you can catch up until the next week.

What is included?

▹ One Live Yin Yoga Class every Sunday at 11am CEST (75 mins)

▹ Access to all recordings of the classes

▹ Reminders to stick to your positive Yin routine

Personal. Wherever you are. A commitment to your wellbeing.

Joining means you make a commitment to yourself - to grow and be on your journey towards awareness, self-acceptance and inner freedom.

The membership is FOR you. So if you feel that the membership is not for you anymore - you can cancel anytime. All is good.