Yin & Coaching

▹ Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed at times?

▹ Are you looking to live more authentically and aligned?

▹ Are you ready to meet yourself on a deeper level?

▹ Are you ready to commit to your wellbeing?

Yin Yoga is a gentle, yet powerful practice that works deeply on the a physical, mental emotional and energetic level.

Stress, trauma, injuries, insufficient sleep, an imbalanced diet and poor lifestyle choices can cause that we come out of balance. Once our thoughts, actions and emotions are no longer aligned, this affects the flow of energy through the body's pathways (meridians). The consequences of these energetic blockages are multifaceted. Ranging from mild tension to pain in the joints, back, neck or shoulders, migraines and headaches to digestive problems, anxiety and depression.

When taught effectively Yin Yoga, Meditation and Breath Work help to release tension and rebalance body, mind and emotions. Then, over time, a beautiful emotional and physical healing journey can happen.

Yin & Coaching helps you to:

▹ de-stress and release tension in the body and mind

▹ learn to let go of the emotions and thought patterns that do not serve you

▹ increase flexibility and range of motion

▹ strengthen your energy system and increase your vitality

▹ prevent back- and neck pain

▹ cultivate inner peace


Connect with your body. Increase flexibility, release physical tension and come into a more embodied presence.


Understand and release thoughts, beliefs and emotion that are not aligned with who you truly are.


Tap into the dimension of your heart, allowing you to increase emotional intelligence, compassion and generosity.


Release blockages in the body's energetic pathways and strengthen your cells. Feel more vibrant and alive.

Personal. Wherever you are. A commitment to your wellbeing.