Online Live Classes

Yin Yoga Sessions for your heart, mind and body

Classes are slow and deep, designed to release tension in the body and mind and re-energise you. Every session is unique and prepared with care - including different methods and teachings to make life more meaningful and to learn to look at life in a way which is empowering.

You will either need a bolster (a firm pillow or rolled up blanket will also work), a yoga block and a mat or carpet underneath.

All levels are welcome. Please be mindful to honor your body's signals and take a break when needed.

On-demand online classes :

3 Classes for 39 EUR (unlimited access)


on-demand class

on-demand class

on-demand class

Upcoming Yin Yoga Online Live Classes (75mins):


Sunday, 18 June 11h

Rising Rooted

In this class the focus is on embracing every moment. Meeting what is there, learning to trust in yourself and in life more.To embrace your body and your feelings as a source of inner strength.

a harmonising shift for body, mind and heart

We will work with poses designed to move energy through the body - removing blockages, cultivating inner balance and providing restoration on a physical, mental and emotional level.

includes the class recording available for 30 days 

Memberships & Courses:

Register with a Paypal Subscription for 36 EUR/mo including recordings that you can cancel any time:

What you need for the classes:

➳ Install ZOOM on your Laptop, as soon as you registered for a class you will receive a ZOOM link and password 

➳ A Yoga mat and a blanket

➳ A firm pillow (Yoga bolster or Sofa pillow) 


& nice to have:

➳ A cushion to sit on 

➳ A Yoga block or a thick book 

➳ Comfortable  clothes, something to cover yourself up, socks

"I love how Sonja ties in information and knowledge about the yoga poses to our actual human habits, like where we store anger and fear. So valuable."

"Sonja really allows people to get into the postures and to understand their bodies more. After the two classes I really felt my body had been going through an amazing experience."

"Highlight of our Sunday! Especially in this time, it reliefs so much anxiety and stress inside us .Thank you for this ray of sunshine in our living room every Sunday morning."