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Yin Yoga Sessions for your heart, mind and body

Classes are slow and deep, designed to release tension in the body and mind and re-energise you. Every session is unique and prepared with care - including different methods and teachings to make life more meaningful and to learn to look at life in a way which is empowering.

All levels are welcome.

Upcoming Yin Yoga Online Live Classes (75mins):


February Classes live from Bali:

Sunday, 5 February 1pm CET

In our modern world we have become externally oriented rather than internally oriented. This has caused a sense of disconnect from ourselves. Trying to live up to the demands of the world, feeling unsafe, pleasing other people, seeking for approval, not having boundaries…

What we need most now is a sense of inner safety - a turning towards ourselves.

In Yin Yoga we cultivate inner safety by getting to know ourselves on a deeper level - by connecting with the body, nurturing a smooth flow of energy through the body and learning to be with all emotions.

Theme for January: New Beginnings

Often underestimated in today’s modern world, the winter is an important time. A sacred phase, that invites us to purify - to remember what is essential in our lives and release what is no longer needed.

Receiving Grounding

a harmonising shift for body, mind and heart

We will work with poses designed to move energy through the body - removing blockages, cultivating inner balance and providing restoration on a physical, mental and emotional level.

includes the class recording available for 30 days

Memberships & Courses:

Register with a Paypal Subscription for 36 EUR/mo including recordings that you can cancel any time:

What you need for the classes:

➳ Install ZOOM on your Laptop, as soon as you registered for a class you will receive a ZOOM link and password

➳ A Yoga mat and a blanket

➳ A firm pillow (Yoga bolster or Sofa pillow)

& nice to have:

➳ A cushion to sit on

➳ A Yoga block or a thick book

➳ Comfortable clothes, something to cover yourself up, socks

"I love how Sonja ties in information and knowledge about the yoga poses to our actual human habits, like where we store anger and fear. So valuable."

"Sonja really allows people to get into the postures and to understand their bodies more. After the two classes I really felt my body had been going through an amazing experience."

"Highlight of our Sunday! Especially in this time, it reliefs so much anxiety and stress inside us .Thank you for this ray of sunshine in our living room every Sunday morning."