A JOURNEY TO YOU - Slow Yoga & Empowered Living Retreat for Women with Sonja & Loann

Hoi An, Vietnam

19-25 March 2024

Nourish your heart, body and mind

In this retreat awaits you a unique combination of nature, yoga, self-development, wellness, culture, local cuisine and slow, mindful living. 

Sonja and Loann will take you to the place they called their beloved home for a few years: the UNESCO World Heritage listed ancient town of Hoi An. This ancient fishermen’s village is one of the most beautiful towns in Southeast Asia, known for its charm of illuminated lanterns, teahouses, ochre coloured buildings and circular straw hats. 

 Join us on a journey to a magical place. Cultivate a deeper connection with yourself, receive new insights, learn something new about yourself and grow together with like-minded women while exploring a new culture. And get lost and maybe found again in a world that feels like a perfect symphony of a time long gone. 

Echoes from previous retreats

Sonja's Yin Yoga classes are fantastic. The writing or "journaling" was also fantastic! I am amazed at what I wrote down and was able to reflect in retrospect. 

Great atmosphere, great yoga sessions, beautiful conversations and inspiring moments with others and myself. I also loved the music and the singing. 

The entire retreat with all the offerings and all the people on site were a single highlight from the first to the last second.

It was just wonderful. I would not have wished for anything different, other than that you offer the retreat again. 


Head out to reach in 

Just as we shape and mold the world around us, we are shaped by the world and events in our lives. We carry memories like footprints not only in our mental memory but also as imprints in our body and nervous system. They become a filter that consciously and unconsciously influence our lives.

This retreat is an invitation to place yourself in a new context. To dive beneath the veil of the known everyday self-concept. To remember the part inside of you that has been moving your forward all along. To be held in a safe space, let yourself be inspired, move, connect, recharge, meet new friends, deepen the connection to yourself and gain new confidence to authentically live your truth. 


Find what feels good

When we label things, we close ourselves off to what they can reveal to us if we approach them with an open mind. We invite you to let go of any expectations about how the retreat will affect you, so that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. 

You can expect to start the day slowly and silently with a cup of warm tea. Let the first rays of sun fall on your face, take a moment to consciously welcome the day. Then, our morning ritual follows, consisting of meditation, breath work, and an invigorating yoga session that both grounds and activates you. 

Afterwards, we have a vegetarian breakfast under the open terrace by the pool. During the day the program changes daily. The highlight are the workshops with Loann. Be prepared for a journey that will most likely lead to AHA moments and a deeper understanding about yourself. You can join a walking tour, attend cooking explore the city's ancient sites and culinary treats. In the late afternoon we will gather again for a slower sunset practice. Everything is an invitation - so no musts - and there will be plenty of free time and the freedom to move at your own pace. 

A call from within

~ with Loann 

"People will not remember what you say or what you do, but they'll remember how you made them feel" - Maya Angelou

'Each and everyone of us are born gifted. Our gifted abilities allow us to do certain things extremely well, naturally and with much ease. Unlike your skills that you learn and develop over time, gifts come inherently within you. Some of our gifted abilities are very obvious like a talented singer or a gifted writer. While other gifts create outcomes that are felt and experienced, like the natural ability to make someone feel wholly seen or deeply healed.' - Loann

Loann is a coach for women and she is specialised in understanding women’s unique talents and qualities and helps them apply these ‘gifts’,  as she calls them, in their life and business. In the retreat Loann will guide you through a step-by-step process to discover your personal gifts and understand how to use them as a powerful tool in your relationships, business and life.

Move, connect and recharge

~ with Sonja

At the heart of Sonja's teaching is the intention to make ancient wisdom and teachings experiential and applicable in today's modern world. She understands that every person is already unique, worthy, and whole. Whether in an enlivening Hatha yoga class, a slow Yin Yoga session, a guided meditation session, breathwork, or a journaling practice - she draws from numerous yoga trainings, a deep love for personal development, self inquiry, poetry as well as her own journey.

Home away from home

We will be staying amidst the rice paddies and winding waterways at a boutique villa resort located mid-way between Cua Dai beach and Hoi An, both a 15 minute bike ride away. A peaceful oasis amidst rice fields and authentic local village life. Designed by a French-vietnamese architect with an exquisite eye for composition and details, every room is unique, decorated with wood carvings and embroidered fabrics and infused with a charm that makes you feel at home instantly. 

The owners take loving care of the garden’s hibiscus and papaya trees and are happy to large garden has been lovingly cultivated over the past two years to provide a tranquil, nourishing environment that is ideal for our getaway.

Sneak away to one of the terraces to spend some time alone, or spend time together, cooling down by the pool next to coconut groves, in one of the communal areas. Watch sunsets with the distant sounds from the nearest buddhist temple echoing in the background. 

Connection & space to be you

Let yourself be carried by the safe space of the retreat, even if you are traveling alone or for the first time. On every retreat, a unique and trustworthy community is formed, where we meet each other as equals, inspire each other, learn from each other, and share unforgettable moments.

Next to a comprehensive program, there is plenty of free time for you to enjoy the surroundings and give yourself a break. Sneak away to one of the terraces or spend time together with new friends, cooling down by the pool next to coconut groves, in one of the communal areas. Watch sunsets with the distant sounds from the nearest buddhist temple echoing in the background. Explore the traditional markets. Sip a strong Vietnamese coffee with subtle notes of nuts and chocolate, traditionally served with sweetened condensed milk. Let the charm of this place lull you in and touch you deeply and sustainably transformed by a world that is so different.

How to get there

The nearest airport is Da Nang, which is about a 30-40 minute drive away. Airport transfer is included and you will be picked up after you landed.


You are welcome, no matter how old you are, what your background is, or what your previous experience level with yoga is. Bring an open heart and an open mindset and allow the sessions, rituals, group, and surroundings to deeply touch and transform you.

We invite you to share a room, even if it may be unfamiliar to you. The coming together and resulting community and connection is beautiful and empowering. Of course, you are also welcome to book a single room if you prefer. 


6 nights accomodation in a boutique villa amidst a coconut grove and rice fields

▹ 3 home-made traditional and delicious vegetarian meals per day, made from local ingredients at the retreat as well as selected local restaurants

Retreat program: Daily morning Yoga class, afternoon Slow Yoga Classes & Workshops  with Sonja  (Yin, Restorative Yoga, Nervous system regulation techniques, reflective Journaling, Breathwork, Meditation and Mantras) and all workshops from Loann

▹ 24/7 support from Sonja, Loann and the staff at the villa

Water, coffee and tea available all day 

Cooking class & lunch at Tra Que Herb Gardens

▹ Guided tour through the old town of Hoi An

Bike Ride over rice fields to the beach 

▹ Pickup from Da Nang Airport

Not included

▹ Flights

▹ Travel insurance 

▹ Visas 

Check in 19 March from 3pm 

(you can arrive earlier and drop your baggage there) 

Check out 25 March 11am

our program starts on 19 March at 5pm

Investment in you

Our retreats are an investment in yourself. To ensure a cozy atmosphere and personal approach, we have very limited spots  for this one-of-a-kind adventure. So we recommend booking sooner rather than later. All rooms are equipped with a terrace and kitchenette. Single rooms have enclosed bathrooms, shared rooms share bathrooms with 1-2 people. 

Shared room for friends (queen size double bed)

1550 EUR per person (1 left)

Single room 

1750 EUR per person (1 left)

Full payment is required to save your spot. 500 EUR is non-refundable. The remaining part will be fully refunded for cancellations until 60 days prior to the retreat. For cancellations later than that, please contact me and we may find another retreat that you may be able to attend instead.

If you have any thoughts or questions please write me to

Sonja's great passion is Yin Yoga. She teaches classes, workshops, and retreats worldwide. Sonja's work is based on the understanding that imbalances and tensions are a consequence of holding onto habitual thoughts and belief patterns that are not in harmony with our nature. At the center of her teaching is the coming together of creative sequences, guided self-exploration, and the integration of all levels of being - body, mind, emotions, and energy. You can look forward to creative sequences and guided self-exploration - gentle and challenging at the same time, interwoven with timely wisdom and spirituality.