A JOURNEY TO YOU - Slow Yoga & Creative Living Retreat

Marrakech, Morocc

7.-12. November 2023

held in English/German depending on participants

Nourish your heart, body and mind

Surrounded by vast palm groves, Marrakech - in past times also called the 'Rose among the Palms' - is unlike any other city. Strolling through its narrow allies of rose-hued buildings awakens a childlike sense of wonder. Invoking all of the senses through beautiful shapes, lush colours and an abundance of tastes, smells and sounds.

Let yourself get carried away in an oriental tale. Open your heart and your senses to a different world. Feel the mystery of an ancient place buoyant with culture and tradition and let this world embrace you to a new way of being. 

This retreat is a celebration for the senses. A journey inward and outward. A contemplation of what really matters and a reminder that you already carry abundance and wholeness within you.

Echoes from previous retreats

Sonja's Yin Yoga classes are fantastic. The writing or "journaling" was also fantastic! I am amazed at what I wrote down and was able to reflect in retrospect. 

Great atmosphere, great yoga sessions, beautiful conversations and inspiring moments with others and myself. I also loved the music and the singing. 

The entire retreat with all the offerings and all the people on site were a single highlight from the first to the last second.

It was just wonderful. I would not have wished for anything different, other than that you offer the retreat again. 

Getting lost to be found again

In the stressful everyday life, the nervous system is often in a mode that makes it difficult to feel the deeper levels of our being. This retreat offers a beautiful setting to unwind, let down your hair, to give yourself away to a new mysterious world and nurture the connection to your heart and soul

Move from the heart

Breathe from the heart 

Do not let the mind come first 

Let the mind come last 

Let yourself be held in a safe space, let yourself be inspired, move, connect, recharge, meet new friends, deepen the connection to yourself and gain new confidence to authentically live your truth. 


Celebrating slowness

When we label things, we close ourselves off to what they can reveal to us if we approach them with an open mind. We invite you to let go of any expectations about how the retreat will affect you, so that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. 

You can expect to start the day slowly and silently with a cup of warm tea. Let the first rays of sun fall on your face, take a moment to consciously welcome the day. Then, our morning ritual follows, consisting of meditation, breath work, and an invigorating yoga session that both grounds and activates you. 

Afterwards, we have a vegetarian breakfast with freshly baked bread, sweet fruits and scented coffee together on the rooftop. 

In the late afternoon we will gather again for a slower sunset practice. During the day the program changes daily. You can join a walking tour, attend cooking and creative workshops with designer and artist Katharina, who will join us for the retreat, explore the city's garden's, ancient sites, the Souk markets and culinary treats. Everything is an invitation - so no musts - and there will be plenty of free time and the freedom to move at your own pace. 

Move, connect and recharge

Our practices go beyond a traditional yoga and meditation approach, and aim to make ancient wisdom and teachings experiential and applicable in today's modern world. At the center of Sonja's teaching is the belief that every person is already unique, worthy, and whole. Whether in an invigorating yoga class, a relaxed yin yoga session, a deep meditation session, breathwork, or an inspiring journaling practice - she draws from numerous yoga trainings, a deep love for personal development, and her own journey.

Finding home away from home

We will be staying in a beautiful traditional moroccan Riad, a spacious tranquil city villa with incredibly richly adorned courtyards offering coolness in the midday sun and plenty of beautiful niches and moroccan day beds to daze in the afternoon, read a book and connect with new-found friends. 

Built in the traditional concept of homes in the central area of Medina in Marrakech it excludes the world outside, to protect the privacy and sanctity of family life and to create a little world of harmony and equilibrium. 

The owner, Peter, originally a dane who came to Marrakech in the beginning of the 70s lovingly calls this urban oasis his home and he treats his guests like 'friends staying over'. With an exquisite eye for beauty and quality, he knows the city better than most and is kindly embracing his visitors with stories about the city's past and tipps about where to find the best spices, tailors and places to see. 

Connection & space to be you

Let yourself be carried by the safe space of the retreat, even if you are traveling alone or for the first time. On every retreat, a unique and trustworthy community is formed, where we meet each other as equals, inspire each other, learn from each other, and share unforgettable moments.

Next to a comprehensive program, there is plenty of free time for you to enjoy the surroundings and give yourself a break. Explore the traditional Souk markets. Visit Yves Saint Laurent's home and the beautiful Jardin Majorelle or sip a strong mint tea in the afternoon shade. Let yourself be deeply touched and sustainably transformed by a world that is so different.


Day of arrival:

17:00-19:00 Welcoming Circle & Yin Yoga 

20:00 Optional dinner with the group

Days 2-5:

7:30 Morning Tea

8:00-9:30 Morning Session 

9:30 Breakfast

11:00 - 13:00 Walking tour, drawing workshop or optional pottery workshop

14:00 - 16:00 Optional cultural activities

17:00 - 19:00 Afternoon Session

20:00 Optional dinner with the group

Last day:

7:30 Morning Tea

8:00-10:00 Morning Session & Closing circle

10:00 Breakfast

12:00 Check-out


You are welcome, no matter how old you are, what your background is, or what your previous experience level with yoga is. Bring an open heart and an open mindset and allow the sessions, rituals, group, and surroundings to deeply touch and transform you.

We invite you to share a room, even if it may be unfamiliar to you. The coming together and resulting community and connection is beautiful and empowering. Of course, you are also welcome to book a single room if you prefer. 


▹ 5 nights stay in a beautiful town house Riad double room

Daily nourishing breakfast 

Daily morning and afternoon Hatha & Yin Yoga Sessions with movement, breath and meditation 

Inspiring Workshops including reflective jounaling, soundhealing, mantras and visualisations with Sonja as well as intuitive creative drawing with Katharina, who is a professional designer

Walking tour through Marrakech 

Airport transfer on arrival and departure days

Single room upon request (250 EUR extra)

A circle of likeminded people

Optional activities (offered and organised but not included in price):

Moroccan ceramic painting workshop

Traditional Hammam 

Dinners with the group in selected restaurants 

Not included:


Travel insurance 

Check in 7 November from 12pm

Check out 12 November 12pm

our program starts on 7 November at 5pm

if you would like to extend your stay in the Riad, please contact Sahara Yoga for additional room bookings 

 if you arrive earlier or leave later that checkin/out times there is a luggage storage available 

Investment in you

1050 EUR

The booking takes place via the link below on Sahara Yoga's website. If you have any thoughts or questions please write me to

Sonja's great passion is Yin Yoga. She teaches classes, workshops, and retreats worldwide. Sonja's work is based on the understanding that imbalances and tensions are a consequence of holding onto habitual thoughts and belief patterns that are not in harmony with our nature. At the center of her teaching is the coming together of creative sequences, guided self-exploration, and the integration of all levels of being - body, mind, emotions, and energy. You can look forward to creative sequences and guided self-exploration - gentle and challenging at the same time, interwoven with timely wisdom and spirituality.